100 Days of Real Food Cookbook Review

Hey Mama Bears!

Today I’m excited to tell you about Lisa Leake’s new cookbook, “100 Days of Real Food.” Many of you know that I started my own health journey nearly three years ago after my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer. I learned all about GMOs, chemical preservatives and about a bunch of stuff in today’s “food” industry that really isn’t good for us or our long-term health. Bloggers like Lisa have been instrumental in my journey and I’m so grateful to them for all the information they put out there to make it a bit easier for mommies like myself to take our  families into a path of wellness, which is no easy feat.


100 Days of Real Food cookbook What I LOVE about Lisa’s book is that it’s filled with easy recipes that don’t require you to be in the kitchen for hours and don’t require unfamiliar ingredients that are hard to find. I’m no chef, and with keeping up my house and keeping up with my 2 year old and 3 dogs I don’t have time to spend hours preparing a single meal so quick, easy, healthy recipes are just my thing. This book is so much more than just a cookbook! It’s loaded with information about food, grocery shopping, budget friendly meal plans, freezable recipes and so much more! I think that for anyone who is new to the real food movement and new to learning about healthy eating, this book will make a great addition to your kitchen and a wonderful guide for your journey.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ~ Hippocrates



A healthy recipe everyone will love!

Its been really hot here in Northern Texas for the past 3 weeks so what better way to cool down than with healthy, homemade yogurt pops? Let me tell you, my son Deci loved these pops and as a crunchy mama, I felt really good about letting him enjoy this treat!

Check out the recipe below (click on the image)

Frozen Yogurt Pops recipe


photo (4)

Deci enjoying the orange cream flavor

100 Days of Real Food Challenge

I want to challenge y’all to take Lisa’s 100 Days of Real Food Challenge, your body will thank you for it.

Give her a thumbs up on Facebook and order your copy of 100 Days of Real Food here.

Until next time mama bears, be well! xoxo

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